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He's Passionate

I was born in the hot desert of Phoenix, AZ and always had a connection to sound, rhythm, and song. I uncovered my passion for music during my first guitar lesson with my dad at age 12. From that point on, I was singing nonstop, playing in bands and song writing. I moved from Cincinnati to Los Angeles in 2014 to follow my life's passion, music. 

He's a Troubadour

The street beats of LA and late night Hollywood scene is where I currently live and perform. I followed my dream to California and became a full-time performing artist. In 2017, I went on an eighteen city, coast-to-coast, musical-comedy tour with internationally famous artist/comic, Rajiv Satyal. We called it "Taking A Stand," using popular music to hilariously shed light on today's chaotic American culture. We performed our final show at Spotify for Artists in NYC.

He's Inspired

I find inspiration all around me.  I make music to honestly represent myself and my generation. I love going to the places that most people don't give a second glance. Looking as sharp as possible all the while...My life is my art. 

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